Living with a brain injury?

Brain Injury New Zealand: there’s help on hand

The Brain Injury Association was founded in the early 1990’s by the Stewart family, who were struck by the lack of support available for those affected by brain injuries. In their quest to find information and support for their son, who himself suffered from a brain injury, the Stewart family began to realise just how imperative it was to provide a support service for those affected. With this in mind, they opened The Stewart Centre, a day centre where those with brain injuries could come together for workshops, for skill gaining and for socialisation. From these humble beginnings sprang the network of regional Brain Injury Associations throughout New Zealand, providing support and resources to brain injury patients, their families, and their loved ones.

The silent epidemic – brain injuries occurring daily in NZ

With brain injuries occurring every 15 minutes  in New Zealand, the statistics are showing that more kiwis are affected by brain injuries than by cancer. The ongoing effects of living with a brain injury can be hard to quantify: with each injury affecting each patient differently. The Brain Injury New Zealand helps those directly impacted by a brain injury continue living a life they’ll enjoy; through connecting the right services and support to those who need them the most.

The Brain Injury Association: 14 regional offices to help those in need

While each office works independently of the others, our 14 regional Brain Injury Associations all act as information and education hubs for those suffering from a brain injury. Our Liaison Officers work from each office and out in the community to help reconnect patients with a life they’ll enjoy living; assisting with meetings, paperwork, interviews and general day-to-day formalities. We focus on smoothing the transition back into a meaningful life, while providing the connections and information needed to support both the injured person and their families and loved ones through their journey.