Lync Aronson


President for Brain Injury NZ, President for Brain Injury Association (Otago) Inc, Deputy Chairperson for Dunedin Community House (DCH)

I am excited and deeply honoured to assume the role of President, building upon my experiences as the former Vice-President of BINZ and as Chairperson of Brain Injury Association Otago. In my current role as Chairperson, my focus has been on fostering a welcoming and inclusive board environment. It’s vital that our Regional Representatives and Board Members feel valued and continue to contribute effectively to our national mission.

Cathy Matthews


Cathy joined the National BI NZ team in 2016 as the Southern
Representative (Otago Region). She has experience in,
governance (8 years on the Otago Head Injury Society
Board), community committees, School Trustee along with
10 years self-employed. Cathy established the Brain Injury
Association in Otago and has been the Liaison Officer there
for the last 17 years. Cathy has represented Brain Injury NZ
on the Ministry of Health Consumer Consortium as a family

Cathy’s knowledge and experience was gained from having a child with an injury 37 years ago. Navigating the ACC, education and justice systems, understanding the impact and ripple effect on families enables Cathy to be a strong voice for Brain Injury. Cathy using her
knowledge and experience to raise awareness of Brain Injury in the community. Cathy is
committed to improving equity and access for those with an injury to good quality supports
and services whether in a rural or urban setting.

“Education was the key for our family, it is my goal to ensure Brain Injury NZ continues to support the regions liaison service which makes such a difference for families.  We can only do so much on a regional basis but for real change we have to look nationally which is why I have committed to BI NZ”

Arnold Andrews


Arnold is the Chair of Brain Injury Waikato, and is an experienced governance professional with a demonstrated history of working in local government and not for profits. Skilled in organisational behaviour, intercultural communication, accounting, event management, income tax, marketing, relationship management, and strategic thinking

Armed with a master’s degree in business and management from the University of Waikato, New Zealand, he holds postgraduate diplomas in Project Management and Human Resource Management. He is a proud alumnus of Kristu Jayanti College, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in commerce.

Iain Watkins

Board Member, previous Chairperson.

Whilst studying psychology at Auckland University I asked Professor Jenny Ogden if she knew of any voluntary work I could do as I had some time on my hands. She suggested I approached Dr Dorothy Gromwell at the Concussion Clinic, Auckland Hospital and that was the start of my relationship with Brain Injury. I worked for the next 3 years with Dr Dorothy Gromwell and Mr Philip Wrightson in the early 90s.

During this time the Stewart Centre was established under the banner of the Auckland Head Injury Society and I also made myself available to do some voluntary work there. I went on to become a neuropsychologist with a particular interest in working on the treatment side of brain injury rather than the assessment side as I could see that whilst people were being assessed and recommendations were being made there were very few psychologists at the time working on carrying out those recommendations.

I became the Vice President of the Northland Brain Injury Association in 2006 and then the president in 2008 when Alex Stewart stood down. In 2009 I became the Northland representative on the Brain Injury New Zealand National Council until it was wound up in 2011.

I have also been involved on the management side of health and was the Group Manager of Mental Health Services and Clinical Support at Northland DHB. I now own and run a medical centre in Whangarei in partnership with my wife who is a GP.

Dr. Kelly Jones

PhD, PGDipPsychPrac

Associate Professor AUT, Neuropsychology programme Lead, Brain Injury Waikato – Executive Board Chairperson

Kelly is an NZ Registered Psychologist, with extensive experience in the neuropsychological assessment of infants and children.

Kelly coordinates the Paediatric TBI Consortium that brings together researchers, clinicians, and others with an interest in this area. Kelly has particular interests in child outcomes following mild TBI and a range of other health conditions.

Kelly has been working with Brain Injury Waikato since first coming into contact about the ‘Brain Injury Incidence and Outcomes New Zealand in the Community (BIONIC1)’ study, funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand in 2010.

When she is not working or spending time with her husband and two beautiful teenage boys, Kelly enjoys overnight stays on the family boat at Lake Tarawera, hanging out with the pets, and walking ‘Daisy’ the dog.

David Bonham-Carter

I am a Canadian-Kiwi based in Nelson. After joining the Nelson board in 2020 I was asked to join the National board. I am a digital marketing specialist working in a variety of sectors and those are the main skills I bring to the board.

I have a strong desire to invest time and energy back into the community and have a history of volunteering with multiple charities. With Big Brothers Big Sisters I started as a mentor and transitioned to an Ambassador. On the environmental front, I co-founded the Abel Tasman Tree Collective, a subsidiary of the Tasman Bay Guardians marine conservation Charity. I have also worked with the Cancer Society and currently sit on the board of the Tasman Bay Promotions Association.

My desire to get involved with Brain Injury was spurred by my 8th concussion/TBI in 2018. All the others I had walked away from with only a couple of weeks of mild symptoms, this one was different. After gaining insights into the trauma of the experience of a TBI I decided to find a way to use my skills to try and make a difference as my recovery progressed. Survivors of TBI are the most resilient community you will ever meet and I am honoured to be a part of it.

Nerrily Frith

Nerrily has been with the Brain Injury Association of Wanganui for about 10 years. She started off as a board member, then moved into the positions of president and liaison officer, and was added to the National board three years ago.

I’ve had a long history of volunteering for many charities and community groups. I sit on three Wanganui District Council committees that focus on people with disabilities and the elderly. My interest in the Brain Injury Association began when my daughter Nicole was knocked off her bike while training as a road cyclist. She suffered a brain injury, which led to epilepsy. Over the years, Nicole has worked extremely hard, and much of her brain injury has diminished or even gone. I enjoy giving back to the community and making a difference.

David Crombie

David is the Central Representative for the BINZ board, and has been a board member since
2015. As accountant and as President of Wellington Brain Injury Association he brings a
wealth of governance experience and knowledge.

Jonathan Read

Liaison Representative  

Kia ora everyone, my name is Jonathan Read, and I am very
privileged to have been welcomed onto the Brain Injury
National Board team. I grew up on the West Coast in
Whanganui and have lived and worked in most main cities in
Aotearoa. I am a qualified and experienced Social Worker and
Primary School Teacher, and I’m discovering my role as a
Liaison Officer uses much of my experience in these former

Having an injured brain myself gives me a unique perspective as a practitioner of what those who contact us are experiencing and the specific supports they need. It has always been my passion to walk alongside individuals and their whanau as they journey through difficult terrain and out the other side. I look forward to someday meeting you as together, we work at building a community of care.

John Skelton

Chartered Accountant

Clare Havell-Shufflebotham

National Administration Officer