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New Zealand brain injury support services

The Brain Injury Associations were formed to provide a link between those suffering from the effects of a brain injury, and the available brain injury support services in their area. We act as a support service for those who need advice, direction, and assistance with their day-to-day management of a brain injury.

While we don’t provide any treatments or in-house rehabilitation services, we do act as facilitators; helping with the control of finances, interview processes, meetings, paperwork and documentation. Our Liaison Officers work out in the community to assist patients with the practicalities of living with a brain injury; ensuring that the right support systems, care groups and resources are connected with each and every client.

Brain injury support groups: knowing what’s available in your region

The support groups available to those living with a brain injury differ from region to region: this is why we have dedicated regional offices. Each office has their own connections with local brain injury support groups, ensuring an appropriate match for those attending. We also arrange for fundraising events and social events throughout the year, bringing people together and providing a network of contacts for those in need.

Information and resources for your condition: understanding your brain injury

While the manifestation of your brain injury will be unique to each client, we are able to provide information regarding the healing process of brain injuries in general. We have the New Zealand’s most up-to-date resources and breaking research on brain injuries; and we can help those living with a brain injury better understand their own condition.

Our resources include a range of downloadable documents, resource sheets and fact sheets, covering everything from learning to live with a brain injury through to re-entering the workplace and educational facilities.